Upcoming stage show: Vampyr Live

I’m very excited that a project that seemed doomed to the trash bin is coming alive again. Greg Wilder and I got quite far on creating the music for a live musical performance designed to accompany Carl Theodor Dreyer’s stunningly beautiful 1932 film Vampyr, which features a well-dressed young man who’s simply trying to have a rural fishing vacation, but gets caught in the web of a female vampire. (This was before vampire tropes had become solidified. Wicked cool.)

Greg has written quite a bit about it on his website, so go check it out to learn more. I’ll just mention that the music vacillates between darkwave/goth and electroacoustic music. We’d like to turn it into quite a theatrical performance. Lots of work to do! But here’s a fun video a friend made of us performing one of the two (???) covers we’re planning to include, Are Friends Electric? by Gary Numan:

And some more early-stage proof of concept:

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