Premiere Pro – My Enemy No Longer

I’ve been half-heartedly trying to learn Premiere Pro for years. As a certified bad-ass digital audio workstation user, I always feel like it should be easy. But somehow, every time I work on a project in Premiere, I find myself tearing my hair out.

So I couldn’t be more pleased to announce that, maybe the first time, I just finished a video project that I’m actually happy with. While I still think that keyframes are the dumbest thing in the world (Adobe, PLEASE go use automation in any decent DAW and see how much better the workflow is), I genuinely had a good time making the video for All I’m Here For, the first track on my new EP.

The flowers are symbolic, see?

Part of the fun was the footage I worked with, which was totally amazing, weird, and inspiring. But I think I finally got into a bit of a flow with video editing. Here’s hoping it happens again!

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