New Doctor Body Synth Jam – “Lullaby” by the Cure

Greg and I got together a couple of weeks ago and ended up accidentally making a cover of the weird, creepy and incredible song “Lullaby” by the Cure. (Are you supposed to capitalize “The” in “the Cure?” I guess I could Google it, but what fun would that be?) Greg didn’t bring any of his … Read more

Upcoming stage show: Vampyr Live

Still from the film Vampyr

I’m very excited that a project that seemed doomed to the trash bin is coming alive again. Greg Wilder and I got quite far on creating the music for a live musical performance designed to accompany Carl Theodor Dreyer’s stunningly beautiful 1932 film Vampyr, which features a well-dressed young man who’s simply trying to have … Read more

Premiere Pro – My Enemy No Longer

All I'm Here For Video Still

I’ve been half-heartedly trying to learn Premiere Pro for years. As a certified bad-ass digital audio workstation user, I always feel like it should be easy. But somehow, every time I work on a project in Premiere, I find myself tearing my hair out. So I couldn’t be more pleased to announce that, maybe the … Read more

Now with Deader Sounds

Since it turns out I’m going to be mixing and mastering my own music for the foreseeable future, my pingy above-garage attic space needed a makeover. Since I’d rather save thousands of dollars so that I can spend it on synths, I’d been considering DIY absorption, but my GOD I didn’t want to build as … Read more